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Donburi, set of 4 beeswax wraps

Donburi, set of 4 beeswax wraps

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Donburi Collection: This collection comes with a beige fabric with different types of Donburi, Japanese rice bowl dish. See if you can find your favourite!

The sky blue fabric, size Medium and Mini, features Mount Fuji (Fujisan as Japanese call it), a symbol of Japan. This serenely snow-capped conical shape mountain has been a source of inspiration in art and literature, and still lies at the heart of Japanese culture.

These fun beeswax wraps would make a lovely gift for all ages!

Handmade item: Each wrap is handmade in the UK.

Size: Each HanaBee wrap collection comes in 4 different sizes, Mini: 5.9" x 5.9"(15 x 15cm), Small: 7.8" x 7.8"(20 x 20cm), Medium: 9.8"x 9.8"(25 x 25cm), Large: 12.9" x 12.9"(33 x 33cm). See more in Sizes and inspiration.

Ingredients: 100% cotton (all the fabrics are made in Japan), UK sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil and pine resin. See more in What is a beeswax wrap?

For washing and storing information see the page DOs and DON'Ts.

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