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Fukubukuro, Set of 2 Beeswax Food Wrap (small & medium)

Fukubukuro, Set of 2 Beeswax Food Wrap (small & medium)

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Fukubukuro, set of 2 beeswax wrap (small & medium)

This set is a ‘lucky dip’ containing a small and medium wrap with randomly selected designs, including designs not seen in any of the other sets. Fukubukuro bags are a Japanese shopping tradition that provide fun and excitement at New Year.

Our beeswax wraps set comes with an instruction sheet explaining how to use and look after the wraps.

Handmade item: Each wrap is handmade in the UK.

Size: This set combines 2 different sizes, Small: 7.8" x 7.8"(20 x 20cm), Medium: 9.8"x 9.8"(25 x 25cm). See more in Sizes and inspiration.

Ingredients: 100% cotton (all the fabrics are made in Japan), UK sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil and pine resin. See more in What is a beeswax wrap?

For washing and storing information see the page DOs and DON'Ts.


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