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Beeswax Wraps Refresher Block

Beeswax Wraps Refresher Block

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Refresh your well-loved Beeswax Wraps with HanaBee Refresh Block!

This block contains natural beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil. The best recipe that is used for HanaBee beeswax wraps!

One block can bring back 2 sets of your HanaBee beeswax wraps (4 different size) to life.

We recommend refreshing the beeswax wraps with iron method. Full instruction on how to use this beeswax block will come with the product.

If you have any questions, please let know:)

Check out our Instagram page @hanabee_wraps.


Instructions on refreshing your Beeswax Wraps

You will need

  • HanaBee Refresher Block
  • Your well-used HanaBee Beeswax Wrap Sets
  • An old towel or tea towel
  • Kitchen grater
  • An Iron
  • 2 pieces of parchment or grease-proof paper (at least 5cm larger than your beeswax wrap)


1) Lay your old towel on a flat surface or an ironing board to protect it from beeswax.

2) Place one parchment paper on the towel.

3) Lay your well-used beeswax wrap on top.

4) Grate the refresh block and spread it over the beeswax wrap evenly. You do not need to cover the whole wrap as the wax will melt and spread quickly. Make sure the grated beeswax is not on the edge of the parchment paper (the wax will leak and this will damage the iron!).

5) Place the other parchment paper on top.

6) Put the iron on high heat. Make sure the steam is off.

7) Press the iron on the paper. The beeswax will melt quickly. Keep moving the iron to spread the melted wax over the fabric.

8) Once you cover the fabric with melted beeswax, gently lift the top parchment paper. Keep the paper for your next refresh project.

9) Lift the fabric by picking up the top two corners. Waft for about 20 seconds.

10) Once it's dry, you'll have a refreshed beeswax wrap!

*** Pour boiling hot water over the grater to clean. Do this outside as the beeswax can damage your sink!

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