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Large Furoshiki, The Great Wave, 118cm x 118cm

Large Furoshiki, The Great Wave, 118cm x 118cm

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This elegant large furoshiki is perfect as a bag, gift wrap, travel organiser or hang on the wall as a tapestry. The famous wave painting is printed on fabric! The Great Wave off Kanagawa, also known as The Great Wave is one of the most loved Japanese art in the world. This would make a great gift for Japan lovers!

Wondering if your friend & family can make the most of furoshiki? Good news, every furoshiki order will come with our own original instruction sheet explaining some gift wrapping methods and other furoshiki ideas. All you have to do is to include it with the gift!

This furoshiki is perfect for:

Making a bag, large gift wrapping and travel organiser.

HanaBee’s favorite wrapping method:

3 knot bag, Shopping bag and Basic wrap. Watch Furoshiki Tutorials.


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