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Magnetic Wood Tenugui Hanging Kit, White Beech Wood

Magnetic Wood Tenugui Hanging Kit, White Beech Wood

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Hanging tenugui is as easy as 1,2,3 with this magnetic wood tenugui hanging kit!

Watch the video on how to hang Tenugui.

What's included in this kit

This magnetic wood tenugui hanging kit comes with three items: a piece of string, a rod pair for the top (with a gap for the string) and a rod pair for the bottom.

In each pair there's one rod that has a round front and a second rod that has a flat finish. 

Hanging Instructions

1. Take the top rod pair. Place the flat rod on your table and overlay the top edge of the tenugui. Also, take the string, tie a knot at each end and place both into the little gap on either side of the rod. 

2. Sandwich the tenugui and string with the round front rod. When you look at the art you'll see the round front framing your art. 

3. Take the bottom rod pair. Sandwich the bottom edge of the tenugui in the same way. It's now ready to hang!

* Please note: Tenugui are NOT included in this kit. 

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Country of manufacture: Made in Japan
Material: White beech wood
Dimension: 2cm thick, 40cm wide

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